Baby Safety Magnetic Lock

cropped-BOP-Logo-Favicon.png    Baby Safety Magnetic Lock

This ingenious Magnetic Child Safety Lock system is an easy and convenient way of preventing young children opening cabinets, drawers, etc, to avoid the child accessing food, medicines, chemicals or sharp objects


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  • Its use of strong permanent magnets and practical sleek design, make the lock more safe, reliable and inconspicuous
  • The lock will not damage the cabinets or drawers. No drilling is required. Installation is concealed so that young children cannot access it and open the cabinets pr drawers. This locking system can also be used for prevention of burglary
  • There is no need for any tools for installation. Very convenient and easy to install. You only need to make the magnetic lock align with its counter for proper locking
  • Unique open function – When the children are not around, you can push the lever up on the lock so that it remains open

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